Fitbit Surge Raffle (5/12/18)

As this season has moved forward, I’ve seen the need for a watch. It needs to be one that’s either extremely easy to read or that will give audio outputs.

When I received a Fitbit Surge a few weeks ago, it looked like it would be a perfect fit. The back of the box made it appear like it would have a bright screen that I could read. However and unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out. I can just barely make out the text with my Pebble over it.

While I wish it would work, I’m going to try and make lemonade out of lemons. Rather than just selling it on eBay, I am going to raffle it off. Hopefully it’ll end up in someone’s hands that can really use it and I’ll have a decent start towards one I can use.

So if you are interested, here are the details:

Make a donation of ANY size through my USABA fundrasing page between now and 11:59P CT on 6/24/18. Depending on your situation, the donations may be tax deductible. Each donation, regardless of size, will get you an entry into the raffle.

On 6/25/18, I will draw a name and notify the winner. If the inital person drawn is outside of the US and their country doesn’t allow the import of Fitbit / similar devices, I will re-draw.

The watch, charging cable and dongle will be shipped via a trackable method to them.

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