No Hibernation – 11/3/18

As I wrap up my 2018 season in the cold, I am grateful to have these running gloves. They’re made by New Balance and were given to me by a friend.

IMO these work so well because of the second layer (white) over the fingers. I’ve used them throughout the last few years and they’ve saved my hands several times as I’ve raced. They also came in especially handy when I was out on the street for 9 1/2 hours during Lions Candy Day.

The point here is that you don’t need to hibernate when it gets cold. Just make sure that you have the proper gear. For me, that becomes a full set of Under Armour, beanie and these gloves at a minimum. Yes, some of the cold weather gear is expensive, but it’s worth it and it lasts (i.e. the first UA suit I bought is still in use over 13 years later). And by getting out there in the cold, those spring races will be that much easier!

That is why I will finish the calendar year with 3 cold 5Ks and main off season training (including cold runs). It won’t necessarily be ‘fun’, but it will work because I’ve got such good cold gear!