An Uncomfortable Week – 12.7.15 – 12.12.15


As part of my training program for the 2016 season, I signed up for a swim class. The summer pool sessions helped me to get going, but knowing that I still need to get better, I added this to the program. Even knowing that this meant 3:30AM wake up calls, I still added it — no pain, no gain, right?

I’m not going to go into a class by class or blow by blow. The three main bullet points from the week are:

1) While there were challenges throughout the week, I kept pushing through them. Coach Seay was in the headset and provided not only helpful correction but also encouragement during the drills/classes.

2) It seems that one of my biggest hurdles at this point is breathing. Every time I’ve been swimming (from swim team in childhood forward), at most it’s been a breath every two stroke. That’s now getting changed to a breath every four strokes, and my body doesn’t like it. But that’s what I need to be doing to keep moving forward, so that’s what it’ll be.

3) That even though there were challenges, and my body wants to fight me on the breathing, there was progress forward.I know that it’ll all come together – it’s just going to take time.

I’m looking forward to Monday and the start of another fun week of class!

Puppies on Parade – 12.6.15


Another Sunday – another run with the group. This was a 5 mile run, and the next step towards the half marathon in January. With it being unseasonably warm, dogs were out in full force enjoying it. This meant a few extra breaks to say ‘hello’ to them. We also ran into the ‘walking’ group (puppies on parade), as we were at the end of the run. One of the small guys was so tired that he was being carried.

We all ended up at Starbucks again to sit and talk.

December Speech – 12.2.15


As I had mentioned earlier, the last piece of the media snowball that started in July was being invited to speak at a local Chamber of Commerce.

You can view the speech on YouTUbe, and the rest of the 2015 media coverage is available here.

And no, that stumble truly wasn’t planned. The longest speech I had ever given in the past was somewhere in the 7-8 minute range. I just lost my train of thought at about that point. Perfect timing though.

Thanks to my parents, coaches and Senator Connelly for all coming out to hear me speak!

Cold Run – 11.30.15


As the snow had melted, and it was nice out, we went for an outdoor run with several others. Even though it’s almost December, several types of birds are still in the area — this Blue Herring is one of many that we saw while out running.

For me, running in the cold is harder than warm weather. But I made the decision to run a half marathon in January, so I’ve got to get the cold weather practice in. This first cold run was 4 miles, and we’ll most likely work up to 10 or 11 in the cold before 1/23.

After the run, we all met up at Starbucks to sit, talk and enjoy something warm to drink. 🙂