Kiwami Racing Team (2021)

In 2015, when I was getting ready to do the ‘one and done’ Tri, I wanted to ensure that Oswego Cyclery got the proper visibility. Art had allowed us to use the tandem for practice and for the race. So to show my gratitude, I sent a plain Zoot kit to Kiwami to get properly printed. Andre did an amazing job in a quick amount of time. And even though chlorine stetched it to a point where it was no longer wearable, I loved it so much I couldn’t get rid of it.

After that point, I had also tried several times to get one of the custom Team RWB kits from the secondary market. I knew the quality of them and wanted one, I just couldn’t justify the $200+ for a kit that I’d use once a year (for Arnold Indoor).

So when I was offered an opportunity to apply for the Kiwami Racing Team, it was an easy choice to have it be another edge piece of the 2022 Tri puzzle. I am honored and excited to be part of the North American team for 2022!

Mind / Over Matter Alphas (2021)

Prior to the Indy Sprint Tri in June, I had an opprtunity to see the Mind / Matter community from the outside. Our Sherpa happened to spot a few Alphas while we were walking to the port-a-potties. Even though she hadn’t ever met them in person, it was still an immediate connection.

So as I started to look at the Tri puzzle for 2022, M/M Alphas was one of the edge pieces that I wanted as part of it. I am honored and excited to be part of Mind / Matter Alphas for 2022!

On IR (Naperville Sprint) – 8/1/21

While I look forward to racing Naperville each year, I was unfortunately on IR this year. It took until Wednesday before I could fully walk without pain, and it was Saturday before I was back to light training. It just wasn’t going to be feasible — or smart — to try and race.

I was able to defer to 2022, and look forward to being out there in early August!

Cypress Triathlon (7/25/21)

After the challenges in La Porte in May, I wanted a ‘do over’ in Texas in 2021. So I registered for Cypress and headed back into the land of humidity.

The day before the race, all of the Paras gathered (by chance) as Paul helped to make sure things were set for everyone. We also had a chance to get used to the tandem that Catapult had secured for us. Things went really well, and I was feeling great for the following day.

On race morning, the ‘Para Guide Sherpas’ showed up and helped to ensure that we had everything and that proper documentation (photos/videos) occurred. As the Para wave, we were in the water first. However, none of us heard the initial start (see Para Guide’s Instagram page for the video).

Even though there were some struggles on the swim, with my right arm hitting the tether, it seemed to go OK. What went even better was the bike — with us averaging 20.7 and spiking at 24 or 25. I saw just how solid a pilot Paul is when someone decided to try to pass us on the right going into a curve at 19-20 mph. He was able to properly and safely get us through it and then accelerate out of it as needed.

While the swim was OK and the bike was great, the run was not. At less than 1/4 mile in, I felt something go in my lower back. When it did, I started doing the normal things that I’ve done in the past (run/walk, stretching). However, before even 1/2 mile, it was so painful that all I could do was walk. And there were times when it even hurt to walk. Even still, I did find a way to run the last 1/10th of a mile into the chute.

It defintely wasn’t the Texas redo that I was looking for. However, I’m extremely grateful to Linda for all her help throughout the weekend and to Paul for flying in from Charlotte to guide for me.

EndureIt! Team 10K – 7/18/21

A few years ago, I saw something that I thought would be fun. This was the EndureIt! 2 person 10K Team Relay.

The first time round, I made mistakes. Prior to that race, I had been doing consistent 2-2:15 quarter mile repeats at camp. I thought that if I had one of my faster Dare2Tri teammates as the other half, we’d have a decent time and I’d still be able to recover. What I didn’t factor into that equation was that it took about 25-30 seconds to get off the track, get water and get back to the exchange point. This meant that I would typically get about 40 seconds to recover, which was never enough.

Knowing that, for 2021, I looked to find a parter whose 1/4 mile splits were closer to mine. The original person had schedule conflicts, but we were able to find another on short notice.

While the recovery part went better this time around, the actual race part did not. I was struggling on the laps after about the 4th or 5th one and they were almost all walk/run laps.

Even though it was a struggle, it was still a great and fun event. Thanks to John for guiding and Jeff for being the other half of the team!