Kiwami Racing Team (2021)

In 2015, when I was getting ready to do the ‘one and done’ Tri, I wanted to ensure that Oswego Cyclery got the proper visibility. Art had allowed us to use the tandem for practice and for the race. So to show my gratitude, I sent a plain Zoot kit to Kiwami to get properly printed. Andre did an amazing job in a quick amount of time. And even though chlorine stetched it to a point where it was no longer wearable, I loved it so much I couldn’t get rid of it.

After that point, I had also tried several times to get one of the custom Team RWB kits from the secondary market. I knew the quality of them and wanted one, I just couldn’t justify the $200+ for a kit that I’d use once a year (for Arnold Indoor).

So when I was offered an opportunity to apply for the Kiwami Racing Team, it was an easy choice to have it be another edge piece of the 2022 Tri puzzle. I am honored and excited to be part of the North American team for 2022!

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