ET Indoor Tri (3/10/24)

February was bittersweet for me. While I was really happy for Coach Joe that the ET Indoor Tri had sold out, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to race. So I made sure that I registered in plenty of time for this race in March.

The Experience Triathlon Indoor Tris have been the most consistent indoor ones I’ve done since 2016. Not only does Coach Joe and his staff put on an amazing, well run event, but they’re a lot of fun. I STRONGLY recommend that you look into doing one of the 2025 races!

Coming off of the LifeTIme Indoor Tri a few weeks earlier, I had benchmarks for this race.

I was able to essentially match the swim (the last length didn’t count even though the actual swim was 435yd ballpark).

In past years, I have lost 2-3 minutes off of the bike because of T1. It always takes me more than 10 minutes to get upstairs, get changed, and then get back downstairs. To try and minimize loss of time on the bike, I decided to go barefoot downstairs and put on shoes/socks there.

However, it still didn’t help. It seemed that they held our bike wave until everyone was there. This meant that even though I was on the bike and ready to go within 10 minutes, I still lost about 3 minutes on the bike. Between that and not being able to adjust the resistance, this bike was shorter than last month (8.86 mi).

After a short break, we moved over to the treadmills. While it was still a struggle, it went a little better than last month (1.33 mi).

This was the second year that my mom did the Indoor Tri with me. I was also really glad to hear that ALL 3 Triathlons had sold out! I hope to see some of you in 2025!

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