An Uncomfortable Week – 12.7.15 – 12.12.15


As part of my training program for the 2016 season, I signed up for a swim class. The summer pool sessions helped me to get going, but knowing that I still need to get better, I added this to the program. Even knowing that this meant 3:30AM wake up calls, I still added it — no pain, no gain, right?

I’m not going to go into a class by class or blow by blow. The three main bullet points from the week are:

1) While there were challenges throughout the week, I kept pushing through them. Coach Seay was in the headset and provided not only helpful correction but also encouragement during the drills/classes.

2) It seems that one of my biggest hurdles at this point is breathing. Every time I’ve been swimming (from swim team in childhood forward), at most it’s been a breath every two stroke. That’s now getting changed to a breath every four strokes, and my body doesn’t like it. But that’s what I need to be doing to keep moving forward, so that’s what it’ll be.

3) That even though there were challenges, and my body wants to fight me on the breathing, there was progress forward.I know that it’ll all come together – it’s just going to take time.

I’m looking forward to Monday and the start of another fun week of class!

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