A Sly Fox…

01 - Pre-Race

As the Sly Fox was even longer than the Shamrock Shuffle, the ass kicking (aka training sessions) became even fiercer. Nothing like a 6 mile run after working a full day…

For this race, I was running with a friend and fellow Team RWB member (Stephen Snyder) as my guide.  Since it had been more than a month since we’d run together, we did a training session in St. Charles after packet pickup.  It ended up being about 2.9 miles, after which I went for dinner with my parents and friends.

Race day started at 2A for me, and we were in St. Charles by 6:30 for the Team RWB meet up.  While it was raining on and off during the race, it wasn’t too bad.  The bad was the 30 degree hill that was the turnaround and my feet cramping up at about 5 miles.  I ended up walking most of the last 1.2 miles, since I couldn’t run for more than about a minute without them cramping.

All in all, a great experience and a lot of fun.  I also want to publicly thank Scott Iott for all of his help.  I am trying to add the Batavia Half to my calendar because of his assistance and knowing it’ll be another great experience.  We’ll see if that happens.

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