The Birds! – 7.11.15


As it wasn’t the greatest of days for a swim or bike yesterday, we went for a 5 mile run. It was raining a little, but nothing serious. And unless it’s thunder or lightning, the race goes on — and so does practice.

So we set off for a run through the connecting piece (over the dam) and into the forest preserve. The wildlife was out in full force because of the rain, and not all of it was friendly. Specifically the orange-winged blackbird. That bird is one extremely fierce thing when it thinks you’re trying to go after it’s young.

While that was physically impossilbe for either of us (as the next was 100 feet+ up in a tree), that didn’t stop the blackbird from trying to divebomb us twice as we were running the out-and-back. It made for some very interesting speed work. Oh, and then it decided to follow us back about half a mile and perch on another pole, waiting to dive bomb again.

The pace was about 6 min slower from the last time I had done a 5 mile run. Learning experience from this run is that I either need to get a fuel belt or find a larger bottle that’s easy to carry. I continually run out at about 2.5-2.75mi and there wasn’t a place to fill up on this route.

And while 5 miles was plenty for me, Ms. Bad Ass went and ran another 3 miles after we parted company. 🙂

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