A challenging, but good weekend – 8.21 – 8.23


With about a week to the half marathon, I knew we’d be stepping it up. This is a summary of the weekend —

Friday – 6 mile run through the forest, followed by some really painful stretching.

Saturday – Flag football in the morning followed by a bike session in the afternoon.

Sunday – 10 mile run followed by 40 min in the pool. At about 8.5 miles, my legs started to cramp badly. We still chipped away (less than the 3/1 normal interval), but that last 1.5mi was painful.

While Sunday was the most draining of the weekend, and I hit a wall, that wall keeps moving. A year ago, 1 was struggling at 3mi – now it’s 8.5. And other things are getting easier/better as well. Onward and upward….

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