2nd Indoor Tri – 1.10.16


Having done the first Indoor Tri a week prior, I had a better idea of what to expect. And knowing what bumps could come up, I tried to put proactive preventative measures in place so they didn’t happen this week.

Early in the preceding week, I was concerned that I’d have to do this on my own since I didn’t have a guide. However, Coach Joe was able to help find one for me. And with the additional help of another volunteer in the pool, everything went great.

I was able to go further in the pool and on the treadmill than I had the previous week. TI did not go as far on the bike, as I lost time when my feet came out of the cages twice. The first time, I took the couple of minutes to let them fix it. The second time, I just kept pedaling because time was almost up on the bike.

I will be doing another ET Indoor Tri in March, and will look to improve on these numbers then!

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