4th Indoor Tri – 2.14.16


This was my 4th Indoor Tri, and 2nd in the MITCS. Having done a MITCS race in January, I knew what to expect.

As Lee and I warmed up in the pool before our wave, things semed to go well. Even though I couldn’t clearly see the double T at the bottom of the pool (due to lighting), I still felt confident. As our wave started, the swim was okay and I was able to keep on course for the most part. However, there were a couple of laps where I went completely off course, and had to take off my goggles to see where I was at. I ended up losing a couple of laps because of that.

While the swim was a challenge just like the last MITCS race, the bike and run went well. I was able to go further on both of those, while the swim stayed the same.

The final MITCS race will be on 2/28 – hopefully the swim can be a bit better then!

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