Answering Comments – 8/23/16


II get a lot of questions in the comments. Instead of having to respond to each one individually, I’ve created this blog post. I will continue to add to it as needed.

1) No, I don’t have any intention of changing the layout or structure at this point. The main focus of this project is to get the information out there. When I’ve got extra time to work on custom coding the layout, I will think about it.

2) If you want to share my articles in full or links to them on your blog or web site, you are welcome to AS LONG AS the site they’re being shared on is a legitimate PG rated web site that does not have any trojans, viruses, scams, etc. to try and do malicious things. If you do share a post, please let me know so I can add a link back where and when appropriate.

3) If you want to discuss content swaps, guest-writing or anything else with me, please send an e-mail to . I will reply to any of the legitimate e-mails / requests.

Thanks, and keep visiting!

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