ET Indoor Tri – 2/26/23

During the January Indoor Tri, I felt that things had gone well.  Unfortunately, that did not repeat during the Feb race.  This time, my mom joined me and raced her first Indoor Tri!

In the swim, I physically about 5 yards shorter.  But because I didn’t hit the wall before the whistle blew, it counted as one less length.  Even still, I was able to hold the bilateral breathing for a little longer this time round.  But that was where the good ended… 

I lost at least 3 minutes on the bike.  When I realized just how much time I had lost, I tried to make up for it — probably hitting 23 or 24 on a stationary bike.  But I also paid for it, as I was limping a little after the bike.

Things just got worse on the treadmill.  While I tried to run, I just couldn’t hold a consistent pace until the very end.  So it was mostly a walk.

While it was not the race I wanted, I’m still glad that I did it.

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