Off-Season Swim Training (Columbus) – January 2023

I hope and expect that 2023 will be a strong and productive season.  As I’ve been told by my coach umpteen times ‘practice to race; don’t race to practice.’  Meaning – put in the work so that the races are ‘fun’.

As part of this, I went to Columbus during the offseason to work with a swim coach.  I found Ryan through a Google search, and as I learned over the sessions, I made the right choice.  If you’re in or will be visiting the Columbus area and need a good coach, reach out to him via!

Because of a scheduling change on my end, what we ended up with was 2 sessions each day.  So the first one would be drills / easy 100s and the second would be a much harder / tempo set.

While I don’t remember all of the specific drills or sets, I did make it through everything.  I know that I came out of the sessions having learned a great deal.

All in all, this ended up being a great training trip.  I will definitely connect with Ryan in the future for more off-season swim training!

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