Treadmill Yahtzee! (USA Triathlon Foundation) – July 2022

I have contstantly struggled with finding running guides for practices. While I had a routine with a few in 2020, the Pandemic killed that.  Post-pandemic, many of those haven’t been able to guide for practices.

In the past, treadmills have not worked for me.  Part of it has been the narrow running band surfaces; part of it has been my inability to read the ‘video game’ type displays due to my vision issues.  But I believed that if I could find a more accessible treadmill, things might work better.

Because of the USA Triathlon Foundation’s generous support, I now have that accessible treadmill!  I was able to find one (made by Horizon Fitness) that has the old-school number display, a wide running band and easy to use controls.  I am extremely grateful to have it, and I look forward to getting a lot out of the treadmill and improving my run!

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