We Are Houston 5K – 1/14/23

(Photo courtesy of Blake)

When I ran the We Are Houston 5K with Nicole in 2020, it was a hot and humid day.  I remember it starting to pour within 10 minutes of us finishing the race. 

In 2023, the conditions were a bit more favorable.  The guide that I had did a great job with the pacing, and Blake helped with clearing. 

Things were going so well at ~2.25 that I almost didn’t stop for hydration.  I almost talked myself into ‘it’s only 10 minutes; you can go without for that long’  I wish I had…

I grabbed whatever electrolyte drink was on course.  And unfortunately things went downhill from there.  What had been a strong, solid run to that point became a choppy walk/run as I tried to clear my throat so I could swallow.  I managed to get things ‘settled’ by 3 so that I could sprint in the chute as normal, but it was disappointing.

As frustrating as that was, I did learn a lesson (from the convesation with my coach).  Going forward, I will be sticking to just water on the shorter run races.  Looking back, anything else during a 5K has just led to similar issues.

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