Back on the track (NRC Track Club) (5/18/23)

Earlier this year, one of the e-mails from a local running store (Naperville Running Company) announced a weekly track workout program.  As the run has always been a struggle, I’m always looking for legitimate ways to get better… I’ve been advised that ‘unasked borrowing’ of eyes (AKA ‘boss, I was forced to run’) is not allowed.

After finding a guide (Scott), we showed up for the first session earlier tonight.  As usual, I was out at the roughly 9 min / mile mark (roughly 4.5 min above where I was supposed to be).  Thankfully, Scott was able to help a lot with the pacing, and it was a success.  

While I won’t be able to do it every week because of other commitments, I’m looking forward to the program.  NRC brought in a solid, extremely well-accomplished coach, and it was a lot of fun.

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