2023 Welcome2Running Camp (10/20-22/23)

(Photo courtesy of Brandin)

Last year, I cam away from the Inagural Welcome2Running camp with a lot of knowledge. I went into this camp intending to build on last year. Like last year, the different groups (VI, Ambulatory, Wheelies) rotated through the different sessions.

After eveyone had arrived, the camp started with a run of about 2 miles at a “warm up” pace and yoga, followed by dinner. Knowing that the next day would be a long, challenging one, I tapped out early.

The second day started started with functional strength, dynamic warmup/”tire pulls” and “circle running” (essentially running a 1/4 mile loop over and over at a decent pace). After lunch, a nutrition session, and an amazing presentation by Jeff, we headed out for the “main” set. This was doing repetitive 3/1, 2/1, and 1/1 run/walk intervals, with increasing paces as the run time decreased. At that time, my back was hurting from the tire pulls in the morning, but I was determined to go for as long as I could. I believe that I made it through 3 cycles of the intervals, with the 1/1 pace being about 10:45 – 11:00, before having to tap out. After getting through dinner, I was in so much pain that I had to lie down in the room instead of hanging out in the pool as intended. But it helpef for Sunday.

The camp finished with the same “community run” (athletes) and “beer mile” (coaches) as last year. The community run was great, and I finished by sprinting in.

Thank you to Team Catapult and all the sponsors/volunteers that made this camp possible! Thank you to David for all his help and for guiding me throughout the weekend!

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