Same S***, Different Day….


In my opinion, all of the flight insurance and similar plans are just a way for said company to take advantage of the consumer. Specifically related to airlines, since I started buying my own tickets in 1998, I’ve always opted out of the $25+ flight insurance. I’ve done this for the simple reason that I know if there’s a legitimate reason to cancel / change, MOST airlines will work with you if you’re patient and respectful. And the one time that they won’t, if you have to eat a $125 change fee, that’s far less than all of the money you’ve wasted for insurance.

IMO, this all is a BAD idea. But since it makes millions for the airlines every year, it must be a good idea, right? WRONG.

Well, while I see it and it is my belief & opinion that it is WRONG, some other industries see it as a great idea. Case in poin — has started to offer the same service. On the race that I just registered for, it was offered at $6.99. IMO, just like the airline industry, this is another WASTE. The reality is that if you have a legitimate reason, 95%+ of ROs/RDs will either let you transfer your bib or refund it. And for that small percentage that won’t you’ll still be ahead by not having spent your money on this.

I don’t believe the airline industry will EVER remove the flight insurance or checked bag fees. They’ve both gotten legs under them and will stay because they’ve succeeded. I truly hope that will pull this as part of the registration process before it gets legs.

Remember — just because something ‘works’ doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea.