Indoor Riding – 9/17/16


“I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like” (Queen)

Last fall I joined a gym so that I would have a place to workout during the winter. I thought I’d get a lot of use out it like I did the previous one. But with displays on the machines hard to read, the only things I ever used were the bikes (spin and trainers). When it got warmer in the sprint, I put things on hold and thought about looking for an Airdyne to replace the monthly membership.

But thanks to my uncle, I don’t need to look for one. And I will be cancelling the gym membership at some point this week. He gave me a 10 speed bike and a bike stand, which I’ve now got set up in my bedroom. It’s a manual version of the CompuTrainer system and will help tremendously this winter. I’m very grateful to have this now!