Celebrate, We will…


As I was talking with Terri during one of the sessions, she mentioned that she was part of the Celebrate Differences 5K race committee.  As she does so much to help support me, both as a coach and as a guide, I wanted to participate in this and help support something she was involved in.  Even though I knew this would make 4 consecutive days of activities (training, Sly Fox, Celebrate Differences, training), I was up for it.

When I got to packet pickup on Friday night, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a drawstring bag with all the swag in it.  Not only are those extremely useful, but an incredible way to get visibility for Celebrate Differences out there.  That one will become my default ‘gear’ bag. 🙂

We had great weather for the day, and it was great to see so many people out there!  There were far less hills in the 5K than in the previous day’s 10K.  And the course was FILLED with Oswego High School cheerleaders encouraging people on!  That was a really nice part of the race, and I’m glad that they were out there.

We finished in 37:27, which was a PR for me.  When we crossed the finish line, a videographer grabbed us and interviewed me.  I was out of breath on the first take, and honestly can’t remember everything I said in the second one.  I will post the video link when it’s available.

Celebrate Differences will be the charity partner for the FraidyCat series in October.  I am looking forward to signing up for the Ghost Run 10K and hope to have an opportunity to volunteer with Celebrate Differences in the near future.  This is a great organization — please check them out and support them if you can!