Cold Run – 10.3.15


I went out with Terri on her last pre-taper run (8 mi). It was a cold and windy day, but the first 4 miles wasn’t that bad. We stopped at the Knoch Knolls Nature Center to use the bathrooms and then turned around.

While the first 4 weren’t bad, the next 1.5 was the absolute worst. Running into a 30 mph+ headwind is no fun for even a short distance, let along 1.5 miles. Until we got back into the shelter of the forest, it was hard to run for long stretches.

And even back in the forest, at 6.5 it was just too much. I think running that 1.5 into the wind took too much out of me, and I ended up walking most of it from that point back.

While it was not the best of runs, two positive things from it:
1) The chalk sidewalk message (see photo)
2) Getting a taste of what it could be like for the Lakefront Half. I just hope we’re not running into the wind then.