Lifetime Lifeline – 4/19/17

While I love living in the Chicago suburbs because we get actual seasons, the downside is the winters. What that means from the Triathlon perspective is getting chased indoors for at least the swim for a good 6 months.

Earlier this year, I joined the Y so that I’d have a place to swim and train indoors. The guide that I’m working with for two of my 2017 races is a member at Lifetime. When we first met, it seemed like we would be able to work out all the logistics. But then after the first swiim at Lifetime, I was informed that I could only go as a guest once every 60 days.

But after we explained the situation to several people within the Warrenville location, they allowed me to come as her guest through race day so we can train. I am grateful for their generosity, as it will help with our training! It will help immensely as I push towards qualifying for PT Nationals!