Enjoy the Show – 11/1/16


I don’t go out to the movies a lot. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good one in the theathers, it’s because of my vision. Since seeing either the 2nd or 3rd Lord of the Rings movies, I haven’t been able to make it through a full one. As my eyes strain to keep up with trying to pick out details or keep up with light to dark changes, I would usually fall asleep after 20-25 minutes, waking up near the end of the movie, and ultimately wasting both time and money.

But that all changed tonight when we went to see The Accountant. The reason behind the change and me being able to make it through the movie was this new AV system. Between special glasses and a receiver, it made the screen about 50% lighter. There were still scenes where it was completely dark and I couldn’t see anything. However, going from seeing about 15% of a movie to enjoying it and seeing 85%+ was a HUGE improvement.

A huge THANK YOU to Regal Cinemas Cantera in Warrenville for implimenting this system. It will enable me to get out and enjoy movies again after more than 10 years of not being able to. I am sure that more theaters will start to offer this soon, so just ask at your local theater.

And with this technology now out there, I’m hopeful that better glasses for outdoor / night use will follow very soon. I would love to see a sunglass type of glasses that function like night vision gogles. Just give it time — it’ll get there!