Dropping Lungs in the Pool – 2/8/17

As I’ve mentioned before, bilateral breathing is my least favorite drill. I know it will come in hand this summer during open water swims, especially for Leon’s. But it still stinks.

Regardless, my coach knows that it will help and pushes me through it. Multiple 25s of bilateral breathing around the CSS test. And then as part of it. Not surprisingly, my 200 with bilateral breathing is about 90 seconds slower than just breathing to my right side. It takes that extra time to think about breathing to the left, trying to keep the timing, and to pick my lungs up from the bottom of the pool.

While the bilateral breathing is still a struggle, I did manage to shave more than 2 minutes off of my overall 400 time and about 15 seconds off the CSS time. And the proper 200 (non-bilateral) was about 2 seconds off of the 400 time divided in half. Still a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be for CSS time, but all of that were good steps forward.