Doubling Down – 6/27/20

Because of my vision, I struggle greatly with meal prep. For the most part, unless I can put it into a microwave or oven, it just doesn’t work well. I’m unable to distinguish the flame on the stovetop, and thus am concerned about ‘playing with fire’.

Because of that, I’m always looking for alternatives. With COVID shortening the 2020 race season, I was even more motivated to find something better than micro-meals. Especially since I’ll probably get 5-6 Tris instead of the 15 I had planned.

I had done NutriSystem in the past with great results. I had stopped doing it at the time because of the cost. When I looked at it again about 5 weeks ago, I was able to find a plan that worked.

Things went well with the first box. So well in fact, that I doubled down. I had originally gone with just M-F meals. The header photo is box #2 and their frozen meals for the weekends.

I am committed to staying with Nutrisystem through at least September. If you’re interested in giving it a try, I can share a $30 coupon with you. Please comment with an e-mail address if you’d like one. These will NOT show up publicly, and I will delete e-mail addresses once the coupon is sent.

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