Giving Up… Some things – 5/14/16


One of my biggest challenges with nutrition is that I can’t cook (mostly because of vision). So the majority of my meals have been something you can put in the microwave. I’m sure that this means a lot of preservatives and a lot of other crap that’s not so good for you. And while I had fruits and vegetables around, that wasn’t what I reached for for snacks.

As the outdoor season is close, I decided to try two things – one being giving up the bagged snacks (pretzels, chips, etc.) for vegetables and fruits, the other being replacing at least 3 meals a week with fresh meat (typically chicken).

So far it seems to be working well. Thankfully I’ve got people to bring me fresh produce, as the closest grocery store charges 2-3 times reasonable prices. The first measuring stick of progress will be Leon’s on 6/5.

Nutrition on Steroids…


After the 4 mile run today, we headed over to Aldi to work on nutrition. While it’s nowhere bad as it used to be (i.e. a package of hooves and snouts… I mean hot dogs as a meal), I still want and need the help. Going in, I had a specific budget, and hoped we’d hit a few things now and have a plan for the future.

That plan fell apart simply because Aldi had some amazing prices on produce. With 45 lbs of produce (carrots, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cavalcades, apples and bananas) cost less than $20, there wasn’t any good excuse to buy any crap. Especially when fore 1/5 of the cost of junk, you could get something 5x as good for you. 🙂

By the end, we had a cart full of good food, and Terri had given me several good ideas for quick, easy things to make. I will try some of those out this week!

As we were about to leave, the second dog of the day (Dinga) approached us. Unlike the one on the path, Dinga knew EXACTLY what she wanted — some good scratching and petting. 🙂 She was with a couple that was trying to put their groceries in their car, and she just wanted to come play.