Best Laid Plans – 7.25.15


Last year when I ran the BTN race (5K distance) with my guides, I was disappointed about the out-and-back under the McCormick tunnel. It was about 3/4 – 1 mile of having to walk because I couldn’t see much of anything. However, it seemed that the 10K only went through it once and snaked around the lakefront trail back to the finish line.

So this year, I signed up for the 10K version with my guides. Unfortunately, it was the same way with the out-and-back under McCormick. Somehow it seemed that the back portion was longer than the out and even darker. I had to walk the 3/4 – 1mi total again this year in the dark.

While that was a frustration, it was a great day otherwise. I ended up tracking down the Rutgers mascot for a photo post-race, and we had fun at the Fan Fest.

Thanks to Mike Gorason and Beth Golden for running with me this year!