Hammered – 3/27/17

[I’m not smiling only because there’s no logistical way to do audible selfie taking and smile in ¼ of a second. This photo will be updated shortly.]

During conversations with my parents about a fundraising project, they remarked that I was probably tapping the same pool for too many different projects. While I know that people in my standard pools have interest in supporting different projects, I still took that comment to heart.

As there are still things that I need to get in place for my 2017 season, I am in the fundraising mode. Based on their comment, I started thinking outside of the previous pools. One of these thoughts took me to reach out to companies whose products I was already using. The thinking here being that since I was already supporting them through my purchase/use, they might be likely to support me.

Last week, I received a very kind reply from Hammer Nutrition that went beyond my expectations. I’ve been keeping that generosity quiet until I had a proper picture in their gear to share. The box arrived earlier today, and I was able to get an initial selfie so I could share this.

I am extremely grateful to the entire Hammer Nutrition team for their support! What they’ve provided for me will be extremely beneficial throughout the season, especially as I make the crucial push to qualify for PT Nationals.

Again, THANK YOU Hammer Nutrition!!