Snow Run – 1.9.16


With the Half Marathon only 2 weeks away, we needed to get in a long 10 mile training run. And even though it was supposed to snow, we still headed out. The first 5 miles wasn’t too bad, and I believe we kept on pace until the turnaround. However, after 5 miles the pace decreased. And by 7, I really couldn’t run because of my IT band (right side).

By that point, it was dark already and the ground was slick with new snow, so I doubt I could have run too much if the IT band issues hasn’t been there. So we walked the last 3+ miles of the training program back. The most difficult part for me was the last 3/4 of a mile where we had to go in complete darkness. We were using a tether, and I trust Terri completely, so it all worked out.

When I made it back, it took about 90 minutes of hot showers and layers to get my body back to normal after being out in the cold for 3+ hours. And the stretching afterwards was painful to say the least…