Unexpected Fun – 7.10.15


Earlier in the week, I was told that the next practice session would be Saturday afternoon. So when I woke up Friday morning to an e-mail offering a swim/run Friday night, I was extremely happy.

I also got my wet suit back on Friday — Urban Tri did an AMAZING job on patching both of the holes (major on upper right leg and fingernail tear on left thigh). After getting in the wet suit, we headed for the water in the standard ‘golden tether.’ As we were entering the water, a couple of ladies stopped us and asked ‘who’s teaching who to swim’ to which we had to reply – ‘we both know how’.

We ended up doing about 300m in the pool and then going for a 4mi run/walk. I made the mistake of grabbing a cotton shirt and was thus overheating at about 2.25mi. Lesson learned.

We’ll see if Mother Nature wants to cooperate for the weekend or if this will be our only session. I’m starting to wonder if the group that’s usually at the beach shouldn’t start collectively building an ark…

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