A hard week, but easy in comparison…


This week has been an extremely stressful one, with so much more being put on my plate due to the smaller staff. The training sessions have been a nice respite from it, and I’m looking forward to Saturday for the next one. In the meantime, it’s a struggle.

As I do during those times, I’ve been walking around my home and looking at the myriad of accomplishments (photos and awards) from the last decade that cover my walls. Throughout the past couple days, I keep coming back to this bib.

Not just because of the accomplishment of that first Triathlon, but moreso memories of the weekend. Yes, this week has been a s***-show. But I know I’ve got little right or reason to complain, as I know several of the friends that I made over the weekend are going through their day with even more struggle.

The bottom line here is to always remember that the glass is always half full. It can always be or get worse, so always be thankful for what you have.

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