3rd Indoor Tri – 1.31.16


This was my 3rd Indoor Tri of the season, and the 1st of the Midwest Indoor Tri Classic Series (MITCS). Going in, I thought it would be an hour of exercise, with the 15 minute transitions like the previous ones had been. However, when I looked at the rules shortly before the event, I saw it was an hour total.

So instead of 10 / 30 / 20 (swim / bike / run), it was 10 / 20 / 15 (swim / bike / run). As Todd and I warmed up in the water, things seemed to be okay. And the first 3 lengths went really well. But on the 4th, I got a couple mouthfuls of water, and spent the rest of the swim gasping for breath more than normal (as I had water I was trying to spit out).

While the swim was a challenge, things went well on both the bike and the run. The totals weren’t what I had aimed for going in, but still a great day and a great experience!

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