FraidyCat 5K – 10/30/22

The FraidyCat races have been one of my consistent fall running races.  While I did the 10K at one point, I’ve primarily focused on the 5Ks.

The 2022 race was my first chance to use the new Hoka shoes in a 5K.  It was also an opportunity to put into practice everything that I had learned at the Welcome 2 Running camp.

One of my biggest challenges in all 3 disciplines of Triathlon is going out too fast.  In swimming and cycling, I can usually compensate and ‘smooth the curve’.  But in running, if I end up going out too fast, it can bonk the race later on.

Knowing this, I had asked John to watch the pace.  Unconciously, multiple times during the first mile I was in the 9:30-10:00 / mi range.  That’s at least 3 min faster than the target had been.  And that was with him telling me I was going too fast, allowing myself to correct the pace, and then unconciously going back to a too-fast pace.

Needless to say, things started falling apart after the first mile.  The second mile was a respectable mix of run and run/walk.  However, the last 1.1 was a choppy walk/run at best.

While it wasn’t the race I wanted, I did at least confirm that the Hokas worked and that they will be the right shoe going forward!

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