Light the Torch 5K (9/30/23)

(Photo courtesy of Ian)

I have done a lot of night runs over the last several years. They have run the gamut from the really great GloRUns to the really bad “glow runs” (which IMO should really have been advertised as a “night run”). While not being a Glow Run, Light the Torch was just as good!

This was because the RO/RD did an amazing job of finding a path that was naturally well-lit and then adding additional lights where needed. Also, the route was almost completely smooth, with very few cracks. That’s extremely important when you can’t see all the little details in the dark.

The race itself went well for us. As I couldn’t see much, I was completely relying on Ian to be my eyes. While there were a couple of decent hills, it was still a solid night run.

There had been a festival going on throughout the day. When the race ended, the beer was within it, so we saw a little of it. This was a really, really, really fun, well organized race. Can’t wait to run it again in 2024! Thanks to Ian for all his help and guiding me!

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