8.30.15 – 1st Half (AKA WTF was I thinking?)

Peapod Half

Shortly after the SlyFox 10K in April, I was presented with an opportunity to run the Batavia Half Marathon. While a 10K was the longest thing I had ever run at that point, I said yes. The simple reason being that I saw it as a challenge and a continued part of the large goals.

So after the Naperville Triathlon, we started increasing distance, including the 10 mile run I posted about earlier. And while the shorter distances seemed like child’s play after the 10M, the Half was a whole other beast.

Things started out well, with only minor foot cramps at about mile 6. By mile 9, they were really hurting. Terri helped with getting them back to being flexible for another 1.5 miles at that point. However, by about 11.25 miles, I just couldn’t run at all. So we ended up walking the last 2+ miles.

While that was a bit frustrating, two important things came out of it – I finished a Half Marathon, and I think I figured out a way to deal with what happened.

The finish time was 3:07, including having to walk the last 2+ miles. So we were probably on pace before that happened. That’s encouraging, as I’ve got another Half Marathon in January (the true WTF was I thinking moment — 13.1miles in Jan along the Chicago lakefront). . .