Pool work, Plan B – 1.11 / 1.13.16


While the workouts with Coach Seay are extremely helpful, and like bricks of gold, I had to cut back starting this week. The transportation costs are just too steep to continue doing it 3 days a week, so I’m down to 1 day a week until I can find someone to do it with me (and the driving). Until that happens, I thankfully have a friend that’s letting me use their club as a guest.

So this week, Monday was the normal training drills with Coach Seay and Wednesday was on my own. There is obviously a HUGE difference between having someone in your ears coaching you on and being on your own. But until I can get the transportation issue resolved, I need to stay with Plan B.

We’ll see how long it takes to resolve that – I know it’s early as crap, but there has to be someone in the area that can help me out.

A Busy Week in the Pool – 1.4 – 1.8.16


This week marked a month since I had started the indoor swim sessions. No, it hasn’t been fun to get up at 3:30AM to make it there in time or to be waiting out in the cold for 15 – 20 minutes until the center opens. However, it’s all been worth it!

With all the work that Terri and I did during the spring and summer, I had a decent base going into the classes. But Coach Seay has continually pushed me further and further from that point since December. There have been some struggles, but in general things are coming together.

This week was one of the most challenging between all of the drills and endurance training. Especially the breathing drills to the weak side (to develop bilateral breathing), and adding backstroke in. Not being able to have the normal visual cues from the bottom of the pool made it a very interesting set of laps.

I know that it will continue to get easier and all come together. It just takes time.