The Gatorade Cat – 3/24/17

In general, Dionne is a mischievous cat. The penguin has to stand guard so she doesn’t get into the cleaning supplies, and I have to be careful of walking away when any food’s out (as she’ll try to eat it). Between her and Miles, they’ll usually bat anything around my front room – wrappers, papers, plastic bags, etc.

On Friday morning Dionne was kind enough to wake me up before the sun was up by batting around a wrapper. I thought nothing of it and just rolled back over to try and go back to sleep. But after she’d been doing it for several minutes, I finally got up to find it and throw it out so I could get sleep.

While I expected to see just an empty wrapper, what I found was much more. At some point, she had maneuvered a full Gatorade protein bar out of the box, had knocked it onto the floor, had opened it and was gnawing on it.

Silly kitty. . . Just standard pre-dawn fun here…