A Race to the Finish – 7.11.15


As I’ve mentioned in the past, for the Naperville Tri I have a couple of things planned to make sure all of those who have helped me along the way get recognized. I’ve been waiting on a logo so I can get my Zoot suit properly printed, and I received that yesterday.

So I’m now waiting on an answer from Kiwami on how quickly this can get turned around. I know they do lightning fast work, just not sure if there’s enough time. I really want it back in my hands by 7/21 so I get practice in in it. You don’t want to be making changes on race day (or too close to it).

If they can’t, I’ll look for other options. But I’m really hoping that Kiwami can get this done for me. 🙂

I will share the full layout(s) a day or two before the race once everything’s properly in place.