Bicycle Ride – 9/4/16


Earlier in the year, I decided to do the North Shore Century (NSC) ride with my uncle. The NSC offers distances from 25 – 100 miles, and we will be doing the 50 mile ride. To get ready for the NSC, we did a training ride on Sunday.

After he got the tandem set up, we headed out towards Evanston and Lake Michigan. The first stop after about 7 miles was at the Bahai Temple. Really neat building from the outside. We continued on through Evanston to Glencoe, eventually stopping at a small convenience store. Once refueled in one sense and removing fuel in another, we headed back to their home.

On the way back, we went through the Frank Lloyd Wright street that’s in the area, stopping for photos. We also stopped at Lake Michigan on the way back for another break. I should have taken a gel when we stopped at the lake, but felt fine. A couple miles from the goal, I ran out of energy and had to stop and use it.

In all, we did 37 miles of riding for the day. And just like every long race deserves a beer, so did this ride. We headed to Ten Ninety afterwards for some great beers! I’m confident that we’re all set to ride 50 miles on 9/18. Come out and join us if you’re looking for a really fun ride and a great event!