Race Day – 8.2.15


So after all the training, race day finally arrived. We showed up at transition to get the final body marking done and set everything up. By 6:45, we were in line to get started in the water, and we took off at 7 with the elites.

The swim was a challenge because people kept trying to swim through us as we were tethered. I also had one d-bag that climbed over me twice. The first time I just pushed him off and back; the second time he just went over. We made it out of the water and back to transition for the bike.

After a long time from the water to bike, we made it out onto the course and did 12 uneventful miles. Back in transition, we made a couple of quick changes and then went out on the run.

At about 1/2 a mile, my IT band (left side), started acting up, and I had to stretch it and walk for quite a while. But eventually everything felt okay to run, and we picked it back up. We finished the race to a cheering crowd (family friends and people in general). There are a couple of great finish pictures that were taken by PEM that I’m still waiting to see.

Our total time was 2:20:37, and we ended up with awards for the PT division. I also ended up being interviewed post-race — the article is here

It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who made it so! I’ve been constantly watching the event site for 2016 registration. Hope to see some of you there!

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