Race Day – 8.2.15


So after all the training, race day finally arrived. We showed up at transition to get the final body marking done and set everything up. By 6:45, we were in line to get started in the water, and we took off at 7 with the elites.

The swim was a challenge because people kept trying to swim through us as we were tethered. I also had one d-bag that climbed over me twice. The first time I just pushed him off and back; the second time he just went over. We made it out of the water and back to transition for the bike.

After a long time from the water to bike, we made it out onto the course and did 12 uneventful miles. Back in transition, we made a couple of quick changes and then went out on the run.

At about 1/2 a mile, my IT band (left side), started acting up, and I had to stretch it and walk for quite a while. But eventually everything felt okay to run, and we picked it back up. We finished the race to a cheering crowd (family friends and people in general). There are a couple of great finish pictures that were taken by PEM that I’m still waiting to see.

Our total time was 2:20:37, and we ended up with awards for the PT division. I also ended up being interviewed post-race — the article is here

It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who made it so! I’ve been constantly watching the event site for 2016 registration. Hope to see some of you there!

Christmas Day – 8.2.15


When we did the interviews (print and video), I expected a small story somewhere tomewhere in the inner part of the sports section. So I was blown away when Terri showed up to get me. She had several copies of the paper, and the story was ABOVE THE FOLD! You can read the article and view the video here

You can also view Marie Wilson talking about us on ABC7 here

The Most Important Bike Ride – 7.28.15


For those of you that have been following the blog, the title and date may look odd. You may be thinking – ‘Isn’t the Tri on Sunday? (making that the most important one?)’ While Sunday will be an important bike ride, last night was the most important one.

It was the most important for this simple reason — it was the first time we’d been able to make it out in more than 2 weeks. The last two times had been complete scratches and total frustration. And last night started off the same way.

But we were able to get things going, figure out a plan for Sunday, and get 6 miles in. I’m feeling much better after that bike ride. We’re all set for Sunday now. 🙂

For those of you that are planning to come out — Centennial Beach in Naperville. Race start is 7A, but we should be starting 10 minutes early so we’ve got a little distance before the masses start. I’m grateful that the RD is doing that for us.