Final 2015 Media Snowball Piece


In late July, a media snowball was started by Marie Wilson of the Daily Herald, and has been continually pushed down the hill by many others, starting with the Bev Horne and Bob Susnjara, continuing with Kim Weeks of Naperville Running Company, and now this.

I will be having someone record my talk, and will share the video once I have it.

Media Snowball – 8.25.15


The media snowball continues to grow and grow. The current full list is below. There are still a couple things in the works, and I’ll add to this article as they do.

Daily Herald Article by Marie Wilson

Video by Bev Clark

Marie Wilson talking about us on ABC7

Post-Race Article by Bob Susnjara

Naperville Running Company article by Kim Weeks

Western DuPage Chamber of Commerce Speech (added 12/5/15)

Chicago Triathlon (Bill Bird) (added 07/15/16)

Camp NoSightNoLimits Video (NBC San Diego) — in background (added 1/28/17)

Christmas Day – 8.2.15


When we did the interviews (print and video), I expected a small story somewhere tomewhere in the inner part of the sports section. So I was blown away when Terri showed up to get me. She had several copies of the paper, and the story was ABOVE THE FOLD! You can read the article and view the video here

You can also view Marie Wilson talking about us on ABC7 here

Christmas in August – 8.1.15


Yes, I’m well aware that Christmas falls on December 25th. However, it’s now figuratively Christmas Eve… in August.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the media piece started as just a print article, then grew into print plus video. Yesterday, I was told that the snowball has grown. Tomorrow on ABC7 Marie Wilson will be sharing my story! She is the reporter that I met with, and who has helped to continue growing this.

I am extremely grateful to her and Bev for everything that they’ve done and continue to do for me. To re-cap for everyone:

Triathlon @ Centennial Beach (Naperville): 7A Start
Daily Herald Print Article – Sunday Edition
Daily Herald Video Piece – Online on on Sunday
ABC7 Piece – On TV @ 8:45A, online on at some point on Sunday or Monday.

Hope to see a lot of you out there tomorrow! 🙂

Blindsided at the Beach – 7.27.15


Earlier this year, I was asked about doing an interview related to the Naperville Tri that is this Sunday (in relation to me being the first AWD to participate). I said yes, and thought it would be at some point in June. We did the interview last Monday, but since I was unable to practice for a few days last week, the photo shoot was moved to last night.

So Terri and I showed up thinking it would just be a photo shoot. And then it turned into a video interview (about 15-20min) followed by about 30-45 min of the photographer taking photos while we practiced. While it wasn’t planned, there should be a LOT of visibility for several of those who have provided support and sponsorship throughout this process. 🙂

The article will be in Sunday’s Daily Herald, and the video should be up on the same day. I will post links to Marie and Bev’s work once it’s publicly available. I am excited to see how it all turns out!

One other very cool thing happened at the end. After Bev had left and Terri and I were drying off, a group behind us struck up a conversation with us. Very nice people and they were extremely supportive of what we were doing. 🙂